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Can you distinguish Minnow, Crankbait and Pencil lure?_HENGJIA
Just like its name pencil, the bare body of a pencil is only two or three more hooks. A kind of the main method of pencil operation is called "walking the dog". The fisherman constantly shakes the fishing rod with his wrist, uses the elasticity produced by the tip of the rod to pull the bait intermittently. At the same time, because of the resistance of the current and the deviation of the center of gravity of the bait, it can make a left and right movement on the water surface, commonly known as "walking the dog". Like popper, the effect of fish on attacking such baits is often the most exciting to the fisherman.
Crank bait is also known as "Little Rock", "Little Fat", "Little Fat" and other lovely names in US.  Describing the gesture of the bait in the water - swaying. The domestic appellation is based on its appearance. Crank's swaying posture in water is exaggerated, and it also has different shallow water depth settings. After throwing into the water, the rod is pumped to make the bait drop rapidly to the set depth. The combination of speed and speed can be used to draw the line, and the pole-tip pulling method can also be used to search for fish attacks.
Direct meaning is the meaning of small fish, which vividly describes the characteristics of the bait. Usually used for low swimming speed or fish activity is not strong, belongs to the upper and middle search bait. Its diving depth is determined by the length and width of its tongue plate. It is marked on the outer package of the product and can be selected according to the need.
Basic operation methods:
1. Bait pulling method: Pull the fishing line forcefully, make bait float after diving, use bait's action from the surface to the bottom of the water, and arouse the attention of the fish.
2. Chattering rod: The fishing rod flutters irregularly and intermittently, driving lure to swim in the water. 
3.Bait method: Compared with the bait method, the bait method has larger rod amplitude, stronger force, larger moving distance, faster moving speed, and proper grasp of force. Fish are not given a chance to breathe, so that they can bite the bait immediately like a conditioned reflex, which has a strong temptation.

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