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Spinnerbait Buzz Bait Kits

Spinnerbait Buzz Bait Kits

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106PCS/Box Set

Model Specification
Soft Lure 14CM 8.5G 6PCS
Soft Lure 10CM 7.7G 5PCS
Soft Lure 10CM 7.7G 5PCS
T-Tail Soft Bait 10CM-5.4G 6PCS
T-Tail Soft Bait 10CM-5.4G 6PCS
Bearing Swivels Length: 18MM
Snap Swivels  10#
Fishing Leaders 20CM 6PCS
Spoon Lure 5.5CM-12.4G-6#
Spoon Lure 6.7CM-16.5G-6#
Crank Hook Box Set 50PCS
Frog Lure 5.0CM-8G-1#, 2PCS
Spinner Lure 16.3G 5PCS
Ball Jig Hook 10.5G 5PCS
VIB Lure 7.5CM 18.6G #6
Spoon Lure 7CM-21G-#4
Fish Shape Metal Lure 7CM-28G
Spoon Lure 4.5CM-9G-6# 2PCS
Spoon Lure  3.5CM-3.7G-8#
Pencil Stick Lure 9.5CM-16G-#6
Pencil Stick Lure 7CM-6.7G-8#
Popper Lure 6CM-7G-8#
Crankbait Lure 7.5CM-10.2G-6#


Target Species: Bass Perch Trout

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