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Fishing Tackle Set Fishing Baits Kit Lots

Fishing Tackle Set Fishing Baits Kit Lots

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  • Our fishing tackle set features vivid fishing lures, sharp hooks and various fishing tackle, which makes it the powerful fishing catching seduction.
  • The detailed patterns and life-like colors simulate bait fish and steel ball bearing rattles offer an aggressive presentation that will give you the advantage.
  • Our Fishing Lure Set is one of the most awesome fishing lure Kit to ever hit the market.For anyone who loves catching Trout Bass, this lure kit is hard to miss.
  • Our freshwater fishing lures tackle box set literally has everything you need in this set. So much that it's all cramp into the little tackle box that came with it. By the way our lure kit is suitable for both experienced and starter fishermen, kids and adults.
  • Package Contents: Fishing Lures Set With Tackle Box- 118 pcs. 1 pcs fishing box, frog lures 2pcs, vib lures 2pcs, 3.5g jig heads 5pcs, 5g lead sinker 2pcs, 3. 5g lead sinker 2pcs, 10# swivel ring 5pcs, crank ring 5pcs, 1.75g jig heads 5pcs, 1/0# hooks 3pcs, 1# hooks 3pcs, 2# hooks 3pcs, 0.5cm Fishing Beads 10 pcs, crankbait 1pcs, spinner 1pcs, soft lure 40pcs, VIB 1pcs, minnow 1pcs, pencil lure 1pcs, popper 1pcs, guide line 5pcs.

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